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Corporate and Charity Partners




Breast Cancer Network Australia is the peak national organisation for all Australians affected by breast cancer. BCNA works to ensure that women diagnosed with breast cancer, and their families, receive the very best information, treatment, care and support possible.

Focus on Furniture and BCNA are delighted to have joined forces. With over 110,000 members and 325 Member Groups, BCNA knows what it is like to hear the words ‘you have breast cancer’.

If you or someone you love has been affected by breast cancer then contact BCNA on 1800 500 258 or visit Together Focus on Furniture and BCNA are making sure that no one affected by breast cancer feels alone.

Focus have partnered with BCNA on a number of campaigns and we are thrilled to announce that we are now a Major Partner. Most recently was our involvement with Tour De Crawf- Shane Crawford’s Ride to the other side cycle challenge to Perth. We were excited to announce our donation of over $75,000 to BCNA to help them continue their amazing work in supporting women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) works to ensure that Australians affected by breast cancer receive the very best support, information, treatment and care appropriate to their individual needs.

• In 2017 it is estimated that 17,586 women and 144 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer
• An average of 48 people every day
• Five year survival rate is 90%
• The risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer by age 85 is 1 in 8 for women and 1 in 631 for men.

BCNA is the peak national organisation for Australians affected by breast cancer, and consists of a network of more than 110,000 members and 325 Member Groups. More than 90 per cent of our members have had a diagnosis of breast cancer, and the remaining members have had a personal experience with breast cancer through a family member or friend.



Mums Supporting Families In Need Inc. (MSFIN) is a non-for-profit charitable organisation providing material aid to families in need. Founded in 2012, MSFIN is run entirely by volunteers, most of whom are working mums. MSFIN has a network of volunteers all over Melbourne, providing over 30 locations for the public to donate their unwanted goods too.

MSFIN assists over 40 other not for profit and welfare organisations to support the needs of their clients by providing new and quality used children’s essentials, including safe sleeping spaces, safe travel equipment, toys, books, and care items as well as clothing, shoes, toiletries and food parcels for the whole family. The agencies MSFIN support, work with a range of needs including domestic violence victims, sexual assault victims, those homeless or living in shelters, new migrants and refugees, people suffering with drug and alcohol addictions, children with physical and developmental delays, and other severe financial or circumstantial crises.

Although MSFIN support numerous federally funded aid programs, MSFIN itself do not receive any government funding or separate financial support. In the two years MSFIN has been supporting the community, they have donated over $330,000 worth of material aid to needy families, averaging between $15,000 - $20,000 in donations to families in need, per month.

MSFIN welcome any kind of support, be it financial or time. They are always looking for volunteers to help in the warehousing and administration roles, or any financial support to assist with currently unfunded rental and overhead costs. Providing this service is a passion for MSFIN, and a community service clearly in need with over 40 separate organisations reaching out to MSFIN to fulfil requests. Focus On Furniture in partnership with MSFIN believe – no child should go without the essentials, and it is with our support, and yours – we hope to assist MSFIN continue their work helping families in need.