9th Sep 2020

Spring and storage seem to be on everyone’s minds and Australian’s are getting smarter at clearing out unwanted items in the home. So how can we utilise our interior spaces more effectively when all the old stuff has gone and we need new furniture to come in?

Melissa Gullifer,The focus stylist, Focus on Furniture shares her insights into providing practical storage solutions when buying new furniture.

“When you think about it, there are great quality pieces of furniture with built-in storage solutions to suit every room in the house,” said Melissa.

“If you are decorating a lounge room or living area, look for entertainment units with suitable storage drawers. Think about what you would put in there and always check the height and width of the storage space so you can fit in all your electrical and entertainment devices in easily.”

Melissa’s other suggestion is to opt for coffee tables, lamp or side tables with in-built storage drawers.

“It’s a clever way to shop because you are looking for specific pieces of furniture that are not only great quality but offer the perfect storage solutions for your home.”

To keep your living area clutter-free, Melissa suggests shopping for a buffet. “Buffets are so functional and it’s amazing how much you can actually fit in the cupboards. Most buffets provide generously sized cupboards and adjustable shelves with plenty of room to store away tableware, napery, cutlery, glassware and much more.”

If you are decorating a bedroom and need extra storage, Melissa suggests shopping for beds with built-in drawers and shelves.

“Beds with built-in drawers are a smart choice for people who live in small to medium size bedrooms. Focus on Furniture’s Tex Bed is a great example of providing additional storage space. It allows for books to be placed on shelves and not left on the floor and you can place all your favourite ornaments neatly on the built-in shelves. The Tex bed is available in single, king single, double, queen and king so it’s suitable for children and adults of all ages,” said Melissa.

Melissa also suggests looking for functional beds with storage drawers at the foot of beds. “The drawers are usually big enough to fit in bulky items and it’s a clever way to hide clothes, blankets, cushions, sheets and pillow cases.”

“Whichever piece of functional furniture you choose for your home this Spring, don’t be afraid to be bold by mixing colours and textural pieces to create ambiance in each room to give your interior space an inviting, fresh new look this Spring,” said Melissa.