1st Jul 2020

Many of us love furniture shopping and picking up a bargain in store but when is the best time to get out and shop for that big piece of furniture you’ve been thinking about for months?

Melissa Gullifer, the focus stylist, Focus on Furniture, shares her insights into the secrets to bargain buying.

“Great buys don’t hang around forever and many people spend too much time thinking about that gorgeous leather lounge or the stylish upholstered bed they saw in store for a great price. You need to strike while the big sale is on and have all your measurements at hand ready to go when you get to the store,” said Melissa.

“If you see some great quality chairs or stools you want down the track, buy them at the sale as you might find they may not be there next time you go back.”

Melissa said winter is one of the best times of the year to grab a bargain as many furniture stores offer massive savings at mid-year sales.

“Mid-year sales are huge and can offer amazing reduced prices on big ticket items,” she says.

“If you plan ahead before you get to the store, you can pick up some amazing deals in store at mid-year sales. For example, at the moment Focus on Furniture are offering great deals on a huge range of furniture in their Mid-Year Stocktake. 

Melissa suggests that before you leave home, decide on the type of material that works in your space and measure the area you want that item to be placed.

“If you are looking for a new bed or lounges, have a solid understanding of the size you are after and measure the area numerous times, that way you will be less stressed when you get to the store.”

Melissa’s other tips include taking photos of the area you want your new piece of furniture to go.

“When you’re in the store you can refer to your living space on your phone and check if it will work in that space. There are even apps to help you with placing new furniture in your own space.”

Another tip is to go furniture shopping during the week to avoid busy crowds on the weekend.

“Weekends are busy when big sales are on and store managers are helping as many customers as possible. Try going to the store mid-week so you can get one-on-one attention and think clearly before you make that big purchase.”

“My number one tip is not to procrastinate when you’re standing there in front of that stunning piece of furniture you’ve always wanted, go with your heart and strike while the sale is still hot.” Focus on Furniture’s Mid-Year Stocktake ends on 2 August 2020.