Posted by The focus stylist, Melissa Gullifer on 21st May 2021

Transform your home in a flash with budget friendly furniture updates that will keep your home feeling fresh and new heading into the cooler months.

We all love our creature comforts and crave a cozy home during winter.  There's absolutely no better time of year to update your furniture.  

So which room will you choose to update and hibernate in this winter?

Lounging about and watching Netflix sounds like the perfect plan, make sure you do it in comfort and style.  Focus has a huge range of lounge options.  From small apartment size lounges or armchairs to big family suites.

This year you will roughly spend 2920 hours in your bedroom... sleeping.  Sleep easy by choosing the right mattress, new bed and bedroom furniture.  See your master bedroom in a whole new light with options that will make you feel like your resting up at the Palms.  

Nothing like a hosting a dinner party with gorgeous friends and family.  Whether you have 2 guests or 10, the perfect dining table can be found at Focus.  With a huge range of dining suite options or separates, the choice is simply yours. 


Breathe some new life into your home this winter with a Mid Year Makeover.