1st Oct 2018

holiday season is almost here and you’ve been wondering how to create that welcoming guest room when family and friends come to stay.

“The main purpose of a guest room is to create a comfortable place for your guests to sleep and relax. Whether you have a small or large space, there are many ways you can create a welcoming room, even if you are on a tight budget,” says Samantha Clarke, marketing manager, Focus on Furniture.

When you start to plan how you will create a friendly guest room, Samantha suggests starting with what particular needs the guest may have and decorate the room with comfort and storage in mind.

“Think about what luggage they will bring with them and ensure the room is not cluttered so you can leave plenty of room where your guest can put their belongings,” says Samantha.

Samantha suggests considering opting for a co-ordinated bedroom furniture range that can cater for larger rooms if you are overwhelmed by how to style and decorate a welcoming guest room.

“Bedroom suites are a wonderful solution when creating a guest room as they provide matching furniture pieces at affordable prices and you can save time shopping around for different pieces,” said Ms Clarke. “They do the hard work for you, so all you need to do is add the final touches and style the room how you like it with pillows, cushions, bed linen and a beside lamp.”

Featuring a Northern European Retro-Style, the Bounty 5 Piece Dressing Table Bedroom Suite from Focus on Furniture will give your guest room an instant makeover. The natural oak is highlighted by a smooth matte finish for a light and inviting look. The bedroom suite includes Queen Bed, Dressing Table and Mirror and two Bedside Tables, price $1,899.

“This stylish suite will create a welcoming guest room and accommodate guests’ every need. There’s plenty of storage for even the smallest items, such as books, ipads, toiletries and phone chargers to keep everything neatly stored and to hand,” said Ms Clarke.

Ms Clarke recommends choosing a queen bed rather than a single bed if possible, to provide more flexibility of use.

“When shopping for beds in a guest room and if you have adequate space, consider queen beds rather than single beds as it provides sufficient sleeping space for a single person, couple or siblings,” said Ms Clarke.

If your guest room is short on space or you are sharing the room with a home office, consider a comfortable and practical sofa bed.

“Sofa beds are the perfect sleepover solution for guests in smaller spaces and when they are gone, you can simply flip the sofa bed back to enjoy a comfortable couch,” says Samantha.

The Java Sofa Bed from Focus on Furniture is fully upholstered in a hardwearing fabric in a choice of taupe or graphite for a smart look, price $999. “Don’t forget to check the measurements of the fold out sofa bed before your purchase to ensure it can easily fit into the room without overcrowding,” says Samantha.

If space permits, Samantha recommends adding a comfortable chair to provide a place for guests to sit, read and relax or place clothing. Consider Focus on Furniture’s Harper Armchair, price $249.

“When it comes to creating a welcoming guest room, less is often more and with smart planning your guests will feel like they’ve stayed at a 5-star hotel,” said Samantha.

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