Posted by The focus stylist, Melissa Gullifer on 30th Apr 2020

With so many of us at home during this time its important for our mental health to feel like our home is a haven for our wellbeing.  

'Home is where the heart is', which simply translates into your home being a place that you hold most dear and feel the most comfortable, no matter where you are in the world and what is going on.  

In our current environment, whether you are home schooling, working from home or just trying to keep it together, its important that our homes feel like a sanctuary.

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can help achieve the feeling of comfort in your home whist transforming it into a place to can be super proud of and enjoy.

1.  Let that light in. The days are certainly feeling shorter now that daylight savings has come coming to an end. So if you can, open up those curtains and enjoy that natural healing light.

2. Make that bed. Even if you're enjoying those sleep ins and getting up after midday - making your bed will reinforce the fact that little things matter.

3. Declutter and destress. Start sorting through and organise. When you start this process you will soon discover what's meaningful and necessary.

4. Bring some outside in. Get inspired from the outdoors and add plants, stones, sea shells, wood branches or flowers inside.

5. Rethink you living space. So you're stuck inside, and you've realised your living space needs a revamp. It's a great time to move things around and make a wishlist of things you'd love to add.

6. Utilise the scents. Oil diffusers, candles, fresh flowers, incense sticks, will bring a beautiful calming aroma that could do wonders for uplifting your spirit.

7. Music. Play your favourite tunes, play them loud and proud. Sing and dance in your lounge room and enjoy the bliss that is.

8. Stay connected. It might be a while before we can entertain and share our homes, so make sure you don't lose touch with your loved ones. Reach out and stay connected.

9. Mindfulness. It's easy to get consumed with all the bad news. Take a few minutes each day to cultivate mental spaciousness and achieve a positive mind-body balance.