1st Jan 2020

When it comes time to choosing a new bed for your child, many parents make the mistake of buying for the “now” and not the future.

According to the Department of Health & Human Services in Victoria, children of all ages need adequate sleep and rest with children and teenagers requiring nine to ten hours of sleep each night1.

Selecting the right bed and mattress for your child is key to ensuring they get the best sleep and hours required for brain function and growth. Here are some ideas from interior stylist Melissa Gullifer at Focus on Furniture that can help you select the best bed for your growing child:

1.  Keep it simple. 

Over-complicated styling is unnecessary as children grow up so quickly and their tastes change as they transition through their childhood years. Don’t go out and buy your three-year-old daughter an expensive princess bed because in three to four year’s time she will go off it and want something else. Be practical and think about a timeless bed option in a simple colour, or a timber bed frame, or upholstered bed, which will give you the flexibility to add a variety of affordable quilt covers to update as your child grows into a new phase.

2.  Space. 

Think about how much space you have in your child’s bedroom and consider their current height and growth in the future. Is there enough room for a king single, double, or queen bed or only a single? Also consider beds with built-in storage if you are limited with space. The Tex single bed has nifty built in draws and shelves, perfect for storing books and toys.Can two bedsides fit this space, or one?Will they need a desk or reading nook to nourish their little brains?Their bedroom should be designed around the idea of a personal little sanctuary; somewhere they can sleep, rest and play.

3.  Test and rest. 

Help your child create their dream bedroom and give them the full bed testing experience by shopping with them in store. They will love it. Test out suitable beds and mattresses, and sit with them on the bed. Is it comfortable? Will it stand the test of time for your child? Think about how many years you want your child to keep this bed.  There’s no need to spend a fortune on a good quality mattress. Focus on Furniture has huge range of options starting from $249 to $1799 for a single mattress and the choice of Australia made, as well as up to 10 years guarantee for peace of mind.  And don’t forget to ask the store manager about delivery options.

4.  Budget

Have your budget set and do your research. Good quality beds do not need to break the bank.Decide on the important features your child needs, for example, single or double bed, two bedside tables or just one and don’t forget to add in a quality mattress. Stick to your budget and enjoy the process!

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