1st Jun 2020

If you are in the market for a dining table to entertain many guests or looking for a dining table to accommodate a small family, with Focus on Furniture’s latest range of dining tables, you will find a style and shape to suit your needs.

“A dining table is the heart of a home, it is a place where family and friends can gather to eat and enjoy long conversations. If chosen carefully, a good quality dining table will last you a long time, so it pays to spend a considerable amount of time researching the best possible dining table that can be enjoyed for many years to come,” says Melissa Gullifer, stylist, Focus on Furniture.

According to Melissa, choosing a dining table does not need to be overwhelming. Here she shares her quick and easy tips to choosing the right dining table for your home:

  • 1.  Size – If you’re considering entertaining for larger guests, you may want to consider how you will accommodate everyone at the dinner table comfortably. First consider the size of your existing room, then leave enough space for people to get in and out of their seats. Measure the height of the seat you are thinking of buying with your dining table so you can sit comfortably. As a general rule of thumb, leave about 20-30cm from the seat to the table top.

  • 2.  Shape – First consider the shape of your room. Round tables can work well in smaller spaces and rectangular and square dining tables will suit larger areas. If you are considering a larger rectangle table, ensure you leave enough room for chairs not to come in contact with other pieces of furniture in the room. Bench seating is a great option when space is tight as they can slide right under the dining table preventing overcrowding.

  • 3.  Style – If you’re after a sophisticated style of dining décor, a tempered glass top combined with stunning oak or timber detail will create a beautiful statement piece. A sleek tapered timber frame showcases through slimline glass tops to give an eye-catching contemporary look. 

  • 4.  Storage – If you enjoy entertaining and require extra storage space for all your beautiful crockery, tableware or glassware, consider adding a buffet in the same room. Focus on Furniture provides matching buffets and dining tables so it’s worth investigating, to not only allow for those little extras but to tie the room in together. Buffets and hall tables can also provide a handy space to display extra food during a party or displaying your most valuable collections.