FOXTEL LIFESTYLE Q&A with Melissa Gullifer, Focus on Furniture stylist

FOXTEL LIFESTYLE Q&A with Melissa Gullifer, Focus on Furniture stylist

10th May 2019

Q.  Why is mid-century furniture making a comeback? 
A. Clean lines and pops of colour provide an uncluttered look that appeals to many in this day and age.

Q. What are some styling tips to remember when bringing in vintage furniture to a modern home?
A.  Antique and vintage finds can add depth and opulence to a room. Keep it simple by using similar colours, shapes and textures.

Q.  Mid-century furniture is known for being sleek, minimal with clean lines – should people consider the shape of the room before positioning this style of furniture? 
A.  Mid-century furniture is timeless and blends so well with other types of furniture. Think about a staple MCM piece for your room, my suggestion is an armchair or buffet as a starting point and work from there. Make it a feature of the room that will help create a nice story.

Q.  What are the top mid-century pieces that generally work in all homes? i.e wooden sideboard etc 
A.  Buffets and armchairs, and even a simple MCM lamp are probably the best pieces to start creating your unique space.

Q.  Do you think the big budget brands are providing adequate mid-century pieces en masse, or should people invest in fewer, high quality key pieces?
A.  The demand for MCM has really grown over the last couple of years and is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right piece. If your after something authentic, I suggest searching antique furniture stores or even going to some garage sales on the weekend, you never know what you might find. Focus on Furniture also have a great range of urban modern and MCM inspired furniture.

Q. Is it best to have statement mid-century pieces in a space or to incorporate the room? 
A  The key to getting it right is carefully balancing your MCM furniture with contemporary interior trends.

Q. What colour palette should people stick to when incorporating mid-century furniture into their interior?
A. MCM traditionally runs with bright colours. If you’re going for something traditional, use olive green and dark reds , but if your opting for something more contemporary, use pastel hues and shades of beige or keep it simple with black, white and grey.

Q. What is the main rule when decorating a room with mid-century furniture? 
A.  Pay close attention to the size of your furniture pieces and keep the space balanced with different heights. Your eyes should be able to draw up and down around the room. It’s also important to add a focal point to the room with a large mirror or artwork. Try placing some plants in and around the furniture to keep the room feeling fresh and vibrant.