13th Oct 2020

Bedrooms have evolved from just a place where you go to sleep to a luxurious peaceful retreat where you can relax and enjoy some downtime.

“It is becoming more common for homeowners to spend money on transforming their bedrooms into a relaxing and pleasurable space to unwind. With our busy lifestyles, the trend continues to invest our time and energy into making our bedrooms the most relaxing spaces in the house,” said Melissa Gullifer, the focus stylist, Focus on Furniture.

“One of the hero pieces in a bedroom is an upholstered bedframe. Bedframes continue to trend because they look super stylish, they are comfortable and inviting. Upholstered bedframes are also more affordable than ever before because of increased competition amongst furniture retailers and an increased demand which has lead to them becoming more widely available.”

Ms Gullifer says television renovation shows and the power of social media has driven the demand for consumers to upgrade their bedroom interior.

“There is a smorgasbord of choices out there; we have more information and a variety of product choices at our fingertips than ever before. Consumers can opt for button-in piped, studs, binding or panelled detail on their headboards. Material choices can vary from contemporary fabrics to velvet and even fully upholstered leather options!”

These days you can walk into a store and choose from a selection of bedframes to create your own unique style,” said Ms Gullifer.

“Focus on Furniture has a range of bedframes to suit every home. If you’re after a timber look and love the retro/Scandinavian design, our Harbour bed combines natural oak with a headboard that is tastefully upholstered in charcoal fabric. This style is very popular and you can easily combine the bedhead with matching bedsides and dressers.”

Ms Gullifer recommends test driving some beds in store before you rush out and buy an upholstered bedframe. “Look for headboards that provide good head and back support if you like to sit in bed and read. Think about what shape would suit you, would you prefer a slightly arched headboard or a completely straight headboard.”

Consumers are also looking for functional pieces of beds that offer practical storage solutions.

“Check beds that come with storage drawers and forget about keeping the dust off when you shove things under the bed. Our luxurious upholstered Monarch bed includes two drawers to provide loads of storage for bedding, clothes, sheets or blankets. It’s a smart choice and great design for people who have small to medium size bedrooms,” said Melissa.

“We all want a good night’s sleep but we also want superb comfort, quality design and an amazing looking bedroom to enjoy for years to come.” said Ms Gullifer.